The Centennial

Its been a while but I finally made it to post one hundred. Its been a struggle not to compromise the posts with filler material. Rather than bore you with unrelated material, I waited until I had worth while posts that are intended to be informative and entertaining. Special thanks to Garrett for all of the great photos, layouts and behind the scene influence. For all of those who check the blog on a regular basis thank you.

On to the real post. The above featured board is what I consider to be the perfect log. This particular board is 9'9 x 23 1/2 x 2 7/8 x 19 x 16 with a single fin box. Its built off of a mild nose rocker with just enough tail rocker to execute effortless turns with out compromising water flow. The bottom is set up with a long blended concave that extends just past the midpoint, at which point it transitions to a slight flat section to, a relaxed belly to rolled v in front of the fin box. The rails are turned up both in the nose and tail and are adjoined by a classic 50/50. To top this one off I threw a amberish tint top and bottom and then complimented it with some fancy panel work done by Larry Crow. This board is available for sale at Aloha Sunday in North Park on university and 31 st. The boys are really making an effort to move boards and this one can be snagged for around 850.00.