Pig Hybrid

No this hybrid will not get you better mpg's, but it will allow you to trim faster and nose ride farther. At 9'10 x 23 x 16 7/8 nose x 16 1/2 tail x 3 this particular pig's dimensions are a little larger and wider than most. However its straight rail line from the nose to is exceeding large hips maintain that classic pig outline. Dimensions are not the only element that separate this board from those classic pigs of years past. Unlike many traditionally based pigs this one has a progressive nose rider rocker further increasing elements of modern longboards with those of the past. The bottom contours are very reminiscent of a classic pig, with just the right amount of concave to belly to rolled V this board is one serious trim machine. All of these elements combined with a signature D-style Josh Oldenburg fin make it a good choice for a summer cruiser.